Hello. My name is Laura Lynn Michaud.

I was born, raised and currently reside in the lovely state of Maine where I write this fashion and lifestyle blog filled with inspirational tips and tricks just for you. 

     I am a dreamer. I enjoy expressing myself through experimenting with fashion. I LOVE to shop. However, my lack of funds keeps me frugal. My signature style is classic with a twist. That twist includes wearing modern pieces and then pairing them with vintage accessories. I love making what's old new again by styling it in modern ways.

I have a love for ballet deep in my heart. I always thought I was going to become a ballerina. Although I have not taken a dance class or performed for many years, I still tell people that I am a dancer. Dance is embedded into my soul. I admire performers for the sheer fact that they allow us to just sit back watch them as they cast upon us their pure dreamy magicThey work so incredibly hard and go through so much pain while at the same time making it look so easy, and all for our pure enjoyment. Now that takes passion and discipline.

     I am not an interior designer but, I like to think that I would be great at it if money were no object. 

I enjoy sewing, when I can, although I am no expert.

Cooking is fun, especially when my husband and I do it together which we try to make a habit of almost every night. 

     I am a very visual person. I like clean lines, yet I also appreciate a beautiful mess. It's hard to explain. I like opposites. Soft with rough. Shiny with matte. Old with new. 

     I love meeting and being among interesting people who have innovative ideas. We can learn a lot from each other if we let go of all of our insecurities and live.