June 30, 2009

Rockin' RED

RED lipstick is the universal classic for every lady. History says that it has been around for about 5,000 years! Ancient Mesopotamian women may have been the first to invent lipstick. They made it from crushed semi precious stones. Cleopatra painted her lips from the red color extracted from crushed red carmine beetles mixed with ant eggs which provided the base. Can you say DISGUSTING?! Thank goodness for red no.5!! It wasn't until the 16Th century that actual tubes of lipsticks were made from beeswax and plants. Now we have so many shades of lipstick to choose from! Red lipstick is always in style, but it just so happens to be making a huge come back in the fashion industry at the moment. It seems that most ladies I have talked to say they can't wear red lipstick because it's too bright. Well, I say YES YOU CAN! You just have to choose the right color to compliment your skin tone and you will find that your red lips are a big confidence builder. If you have a warmer complexion you may want to stay with something in the red/orange family. If you have a cooler complexion you will want to choose a red with a blue/pink undertone. A red that is right for you can make your teeth look whiter too. A neutral complexion is a little more difficult. You may have to just try a few before finding the one you love......or should I say the one that loves you<3

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