July 2, 2009

Prints and Pleats

Nothing screams SUMMER like these printed and pleated skirts! I am loving the fact that ALL lengths are in style. You just have to pick the right one for you. The shorter styles are adorable for anyone who has great legs. I love the way they look with a ballet flat or strappy flat sandal. If you are really daring try one of the shorter style skirts with a chunky wood platform sandal. Pair the short skirt with a simple button down sleeveless blouse and you are good to go! The longer styles are really beautiful for any lady and look especially great if you are tall, but you don't have to be tall to wear this. There are no rules here! You just have to experiment and go with what looks best on YOU. A jersey knit cami style top and flat strappy sandals is a cool way to make the most of the longer skirt look.

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