August 16, 2009

Back to Basics

When you are staring deep into your closet wondering what to wear with what, what exactly do you see??? Or should I say what don't you see??? If you do not see these items, then you must make a list and little by little begin to let them in!
  1. A classic trench

  2. A white blouse

  3. A simple sheath

  4. A pencil skirt

  5. Ballet flats

  6. Pearls

  7. A statement scarf

  8. A classic wool coat

  9. Black cashmere turtleneck/jewel neck

  10. Black pumps

  11. A classic handbag

  12. A GREAT fitting pair of jeans (I call them my skinny jeans because they make me feel great when I put them on:-)

If these items are missing from your wardrobe, think twice before buying that trendy ruffly blouse or that cool boho skirt. You need to let the basics in first, then build up around them. Kind of like when you build a home. And yes, I love my closet that much, I probably could live in there!

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