August 20, 2009

The Best Vest

Vests are so cool, so hip, and so now. I have always loved that menswear look for fall and the great thing about it is that it seems to come back in some form every year! This year it seems like fashion is about not trying so hard. So you should not worry too much about what you are going to wear undreneath your vest. Believe me, there seems to be a vest for everyone out there. Lets face it, we all have our own unique style(as we should) and the menswear look is not for everyone. If this is the case you should opt for a softer more feminine feel, such as wearing a soft feminine blouse underneath with a delicate longer style necklace. Vests also look great when worn unbuttoned over a white tank paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats while the weather is still warm. And of course I just love the way the vest looks over a white blouse. Make it more feminine by keeping the blouse open at the neck and tying a scarf around your neck in one of the more modern styles, such as a sash wrapped around your neck and tied in a soft bow, or try an oblong scarf wrapped around your neck a couple of times and tie a soft knot in the front and tuck the two ends down the front of your blouse, and keeping the look very soft, blouse out the scarf just a tad. I love this look especially when the weather gets cold. The scarf takes the place of a turtleneck. If you are reeaallllyy daring, then you might just wear that vest alone(meaning nothing underneath;-) with a pair of wide leg pants for an evening out. There are so many ways to make a vest work for you! We have so many options. That's why I love being a girl!

P.S You just need to make sure that you get those vests out of your head that you wore in the 80's.

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