August 27, 2009

Confused by Trends??

If you know me, then you already know how much I love finding out what the new trends are for each season. I take these trends and modify them to fit them into our real lives. Whether it has to do with clothing, accessories, make up and hairstyles, you know that the real trends that we see in fashion magazines very rarely work in our real lives. When you see these trends in the magazines, ask yourself, who you see wearing these? How old is the model wearing it? Is she at work in the middle of a meeting, or is she walking down a catwalk in front of a photographer? Remember being a model is a job. It is her job to make the clothes look fabulous! And what a cool job that must be, if you are what the designer is looking for to represent his or her designs. To me this means high pressure on these poor girls, but if you are a natural then no biggie;-)

Well most of us are not natural runway models in our real life. I love taking these trends we see for each season, and considering my own personal style, I try to incorporate them into my own real life. It isn't easy at times. Right now I am LOVING all of those 4 inch heel bootie and oxford style shoes I am seeing in all the fashion magazines. I am seeing a lot of them being worn with leggings or skinny leg pants. Skinny leg pants and I really don't like each other much. I love them, but they don't love me!!!! I think I will just experiment with them a little. Maybe putting on something longer, like a boyfriend style cardigan layered over a white blouse will help us get along. Fashion is about experimenting with many different looks to see which one looks better on YOUR body and incorporates YOUR lifestyle.

For the next few days I will be showing something from the runway and comparing it to something that might be a little more realistic for us real women living in the real world:-)
From top to bottom pictured: Dior Serpent Oxford Bootie 4 3/10" faceted copper heel $960, Talbots lace up oxford booties 2¾" heels. Rubber soles $139, Talbots Italian calfskin sleek booties3¼" heels, rubber soles $129, D & G Ayers Bootie $795 4 3/10" narrow heel.

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