August 2, 2009

Distressed Denim

Well, what do you think? I never used to like them. I thought, why would I pay a lot of my hard earned money for a pair of jeans that are torn, ripped, painted on or shredded? I still do not think they are for me, as much as I love fashion. Maybe it's because I can't wear them to work so why would I want to buy them? This is kind of true about any jean, ripped or not ripped. Although, I think that a trouser style jean is perfectly appropriate for work, others have ruined all the fun by not wearing them "properly." I think that if I went out a lot, like clubbing, or partying, I would probably invest a little money in a pair of cool distressed jeans. Although, like always, I would try to get a good deal. How much would you spend on a pair of these??? I'd say $80 max, and they would have to be designer. But, that doesn't mean I'm right. What would you do????

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