August 26, 2009

Get Cuffed!

Cuff bracelets are THE must have accessory for FALL! They are such a simple way to make a big statement! They are great for ladies who are easily driven nuts by bangles that jingle all day (I personally don't mind, but I am still loving the cuff;-) The cuff stays in place because you can easily pinch it together on the arm wherever you want it to sit and it generally will stay put. They look great for day but also can be stunning for an evening cocktail party. My belief is that you need a clean look to begin with when wearing a cuff. I love putting a cuff with a casual t shirt and jeans. I have read that wearing more than one cuff at a time is also a fashion do, but that depends on you. Personally, I think it could get a little tacky for real life, but it may look great on models in magazines. Here are just a couple of my favorite cuffs, but you will have to visit Laura's Style on Facebook for my Complete Cuff Album!

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