August 14, 2009

Get RED-Y for September!

RED seems to be the color for September! What a great color to represent the month. It just makes you think of the RED apple you are going to give your teacher, the RED leaves on the trees, and the RED cheeks you get when the weather starts to get cooler (nature's blush! I thought I'd leave out the RED nose that also happens, because that's not so pretty:-) I just love all the different shades of RED I am seeing! There is a RED for every skin tone out there! Most ladies look for that perfect shade of RED with the blue undertone, which would be a cool RED. But if you have a warm complexion, an orangy RED might be gorgeous on you. I run into a lot of RED heads who say "No RED for me!" That makes me sad!!!!! Little do they know, a nice warm RED would be stunning on them!! The bottom line is that you have to experiment with every shade, and don't give up! There is a shade of RED out there somewhere that will enhance your beauty. Trust me. I'm your stylist!

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