August 19, 2009

Going out to dinner? PUT ON YOUR BIB!!!

Ladies it is now time to introduce you to the bib necklace. It has been a total hit this past spring/summer, but going into fall, it's a MUST! These days its hard to figure out what to wear. It's hard to know what everyone else will be wearing when you get there. You want to look fabulous, but not like you tried sooooo hard to look this way. The gorgeous styles of bib necklaces out there add just enough of the something different, cool, and I must say spectaculousness ( probably not a word in the real world, but trust me, it is in the fashion world:-) that you need to make that outfit "special." If you decide that you want to sport one of these beautiful works of art, then you MUST keep that outfit so very simple. You must wear something without a collar and a high enough neckline to make a "backdrop" for your bib necklace. Or something low enough to show it off. Forget about the ruffles, lace, sequins, and bows, that may be your usual thought when dressing up. Go with a satin or silk ballet neck style dress or top in a color that brings out the beauty of your bib necklace. This is just simply elegant! Or go with a gorgeous off the shoulder style top to show off your work of art. Just think "Keep it simple and clean" when wearing this look and you will be hostess with the mostess, the best dressed guest, or whatever, depending on what your situation may be...............;-)
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