August 2, 2009

A new discovery that needs to be discovered by someone other than me! Marc Jacobs, take notice:-)

I have heard a little about Sophronia Design. I would be here or there and hear the designer's name, Mallory Bruns, thrown around. I saw a couple of her designs in pictures from an outdoor fashion show in Bangor, Maine. I did not pay that much attention because it just looked like the dresses were too short, too whimsical for MY everyday life. Well the truth is........they are, but I am in LOVE with her designs!!!! I got to thinking, how could I possibly incorporate a few of her pieces into my wardrobe. I could wear this cute top with the ruffle under a blazer, I could wear a tank underneath this gorgeous red blouse with the lace shoulder detail. The short dresses are not for me.....unless I threw on some leggings and ballet flats, which are totally cool. The long dresses, however, are best worn just as is. They are just soooo sexy and beautiful. How gorgeous to wear in the summer. You might just want to plan a candle light dinner date, at home, on your know what I mean:-)

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