August 4, 2009

JABOT- It's not just the name of the Abbot's cosmetic company on Young and the Restless

I really love fashion, as you may have already figured out. So, I really love it when I learn new fashion terms. Jabot, is my new word of the week! My sister came into my store and I showed her a beautiful blouse that I tried on an absolutely adore! She said "That's so old fashion! I believe that is called a Jabot on the front of that blouse. That was popular when I was in school!" When I heard her say that word, Jabot, I immediately thought about the soap opera that I only catch two or three times a month and mostly watch for the great make up and fashions that they wear, Young and the Restless. Jabot is the name of the cosmetic company owned by the Abbott family. I never really thought about the name Jabot. I just thought that must be the last name of someone who owned the company before they did. Actually, I mostly never even thought about it until now! I love the fact that they named their company after a decorative ruffle or other arrangement of lace or cloth attached at the neckline and extending down the front of a woman's blouse or dress or, formerly, of a man's shirt. Think of the George Washington days when the men used to wear these on their shirts. Pretty cool! And the word jabot sounds very elegant to me. I think it's because of that letter T that is silent on the end of the word. Kind of like french words. Jabot is pronounced jha-boh:-)

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