August 30, 2009

Ohhh to be Anna Wintour!!!!

Anna Wintour is the editor and chief of Vogue magazine. I just call her the Queen of Vogue. She is someone who I respect and admire and I would do anything to work with her! I don't care how mean, how disrespectful, or how bad she might make me feel. (You all saw The Devil Wears Prada , right?) It would be such an honor and such a great learning experience to even be given the opportunity!!!! I cannot wait for this documentary to debut!!! I got the chills when I watched the trailer!!!!! Go to You Tube and search for "The September Issue" (that's the name of the documentary:-) to watch the trailer!!! Or if you are lucky enough to be my friend on Face Book, I have it posted on my personal page.
P.S. If you are not my friend then you should be!! I will more than likely accept your request.

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