August 20, 2009

Ruby lips anyone??? I mean that literally.

I received this gorgeous flyer in the mail today asking me to visit any Neiman Marcus store or log on to their website and purchase this new lipstick by Guerlain. The flyer was BEAUTIFUL. It was on glossy paper and when you opened it up it almost felt like an invitation. It even smelled good. It had this little tab inside that said "pull here" and when you pulled it out it was like you were opening up the lipstick. Stunning!!! Then I started to read about this brilliant new beauty product because I was so curious. The picture of the lipstick itself was very intriguing. It has a mirror on it that you can flip open when applying the lipstick. NICE. The silver tube is sooo shiny and pretty too. I showed the picture of it to my husband and he asked "How much?" Typical of a husband. I searched for the price on the back of the invite and I read out loud "$45.00." Even I was in question when I read this price. So I read further trying to figure out what, other than the packaging, was so great about this lipstick. It turns out that the lipstick actually has ruby powder in it so as to achieve spectacular radiance. Nice:-) The opening line on the card was worded like this "Discover an ULTRACHIC jewel for your lips." Those words are brilliant. Whoever comes up with this stuff really knows what they are doing. After about 8 minutes of gazing at this card I snapped out of it. A nice product that I guess I will never experience. That's ok. I will use my $45 for something a little more useful. It would be cool though.........:-)

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