August 31, 2009

Standing in line at Wamart. It's not so bad!

While I was in line at Walmart today with all the back to school shoppers, I picked up a version of an In Style fashion magazine (there are so many out there!) and thumbed through it. I found a lot of interesting beauty trends that are just coming about for fall!

The first one that I think I may try is the GREEN nail polish. Don't worry. It's not like the green print that I used to type out this blog. It's like a beautiful jade green! Some of the green polishes they listed were lighter shades and some were deeper. Light for pale skin tones, deeper for darker skin. I think I am going with Chanel's Jade green this fall. If you do decide to sport the green polish, remember, it looks best on short rounded nails. You will look like the Bride of Frankenstein if you use this color on long nails. I love short nails. They look so much chicer when using a colored polish.

The next trend I saw and LOVED was the "new" smokey eye for fall. It uses more of the green hues vs the blacks and browns we are used to seeing when we talk about the smokey eye. Try using a dark forest green color on the lid and blending it with a brighter teal. BLENDING is the key. You will want to use a little of this blended shadow on the lower lids as well. Use a fine black eyeliner around the eyes and subtly smudge. Be sure you go very light with this black eyeliner. You don't want to end up with the "old" smokey eye look. (even though this is still one of my favorite looks.) This will take some practice.

So, the moral of this story??? It's not so bad standing in line at Walmart;-)

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