August 8, 2009

STUDIO (not 54:-)

I finally made it in to see Jessica Sader's boutique simply called Studio, on Main St. in Orono! I have been wanting to go in for months now, but just never had a chance. Well, my chance finally came last Thursday and well, I love it! She makes her own designs right in Studio. In fact she was sewing one up right as I walked in! She makes adorable hats, scarves, tees, tanks, sweaters and I am sure much more, all from recycled and/or vintage fabrics. I have to say, I thought everything was really cute and I could definitely work some of her pieces into my wardrobe. I also loved the fact that she also had other work from many other artists in her boutique. I ended up purchasing this pretty black beaded ring made by Brooke Trout Designs. I have been wanting a ring with black stones for a long time and this one caught my eye! I also LOVED her collection of barrettes and hairpins. I am always looking for something to keep my hair out of my face and these are a little more stylish than a boring old clip. I purchased this ADORABLE flower hairpin and I am more than likely going back for more!

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