August 25, 2009

Deborah Lloyd. She's such a lady:-)

Kate Spade's new creative director, Deborah Lloyd, believes in dressing up a little all the time!! I thought I was the only one who thought this way;-)

I have always loved Kate Spade for her old fashioned ways that seem so irrelevant today. She not only is a clothing and accessory designer. She has written series of lifestyle books that EVERYONE should read. Manners, Occasions, and Style are their titles. I happen to own the one called Manners. It is filled with tons of ways to display common courtesy. Ways that are no longer common sense in today's world.

Deborah Lloyd seems to understand Kate Spate fully and lives her brand at home and at her job. She is totally Kate Spade! I believe it just comes naturally to her. She has taken the Kate Spade elegance and put in just a hint of modern practicality. I love that! Lets face it. We do live in a new modern world. We should celebrate just how far we have come! But we all just need to stay true to ourselves and down to earth, not matter how busy, modern, or technological we get here on this planet:-)

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