August 15, 2009

When I was a young lady I ALWAYS looked forward to getting the September issue of Seventeen magazine. I would study those pages the whole month of August before going school shopping with my mother. I needed to get my "look of the year" down before we headed out to the stores. My mother and I almost never fought about my fashion choices even though some of them were quite hideous now that I look back. Why she let me leave the house trying to look like Cyndi Lauper is beyond me. But I'm glad she did:-) One of my most major problems with shopping for back to school was the fact that I was all about the name brands. I had no money but always wanted the best of the best. This was my only frustration. We ended up shopping at places like K-Mart, Zayre, and Rich's Department store. I would only dream of owning those Calvin Klein Jeans. I was the last of six children though, so did get a lot that that they didn't. It was really cool when my mother took me out to the mall. I remember this really cool jean jacket she got me with the puffy sleeves at Brooks. It was faded denim on the top half and dark denim on the bottom. Also I got a really cool floral jumper suit at Foxmore (yes it was pants). It was white with big huge pink flowers all over it. LOVED IT and loved that store Foxmore as well. I wore that to my first dance in 6th grade. I thought it was really cool because all the 8th grade girls loved it too:-)

I was going through my Lucky Magazine the other day and noticed all the back to school ads. Believe it or not it was the KMart spread that really caught my eye! Mary Janes for $16.99, Fedora's for $12.99, a pretty ruffle front dress for $29.99, a wool plaid coat for $99.99. My favorite was a floppy felt hat in a plum shade for $12.99!!!!! If I was going back to school now I would be begging for KMart! Boy times have changed:-)

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