September 21, 2009

1st Place Ribbons!

Ribbon necklaces are soooo pretty! They look great worn with a very plain top with no collar such as a scoop neck, v-neck, or ballet neck. They also are fabulous with a top or dress with an open back. The ribbon looks so elegant flowing behind you. I am also a fan of the ribbon necklace worn with a turtleneck in the winter. I don't know exactly what it is that draws me to the ribbon necklace. I think it could be the bow itself after you tie it on. It almost has a vintage feeling. I also think that a ribbon necklace would be fairly easy to make yourself! If it involves beading I might ask my artistic pals Sarah, Bobbi, or Maria to do that part. But I was thinking that I might just try to make a bib necklace with a ribbon tie. No beading required! I will post pictures if it actually comes out good:-) Stay tuned!

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