September 12, 2009

Fall's jewel tones will make you feel rich!

I am loving the gorgeous jewel tones I am seeing for fall! What are jewel tones you ask? They would be colors like emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, topaz yellow, tourmaline green, turquoise blue, and sapphire blue. They are all so gorgeous and I don't know another color palette that looks as great on almost everyone! Colors can be difficult though. They come in so many different shades and it is so hard to tell with the lighting in the stores what looks best on you. I typically don't go by the seasons to determine my best colors colors. I go by the try it on and see what makes you all of a sudden look and feel happy theory! You won't be able to fully determine if the color is right for you by just holding it up. Make sure you go in the dressing room where the lighting in stores is typically better than on the sales floor and TRY IT ON! You will just know that when you put it on and your skin is GLOWING and your eyes are just POPPING that it's the color for you. And here's just another tip: don't feel pressured to wear a certain color just because in fashion it's THE color of the week. Fashion changes every second. I so badly want to be able to wear topaz yellow but I just can't! Trust me, YOUR BEST COLORS are always in style for you:-) And my best color is not topaz yellow:-(

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