September 19, 2009

Fashion will allow you to break the rules!!

A tall lady with a long torso would look fabulous in this cropped cardigan when it is worn with the longer style baby doll top as pictured on the right!
This model is tall but she looks even taller wearing this long boyfriend style cardigan! Just think about what it could do for a petite lady!

Look at how pretty this curvy lady looks in this dress that fits close to her body rather than something over sized!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. What am I gonna do with you!!!!! I run into so many women that think just because they are short they can't wear anything too long, or tall ladies who think they can't wear a cropped jacket, or larger ladies who think they can't wear anything too close to their body, or a skinny minnie who thinks she can't wear..... well, I don't know what you skinny minnies can't wear but anyway, you get what I am saying I hope. I am so tired of ladies thinking these thoughts without even trying! Yes, you might be short and you think you can't wear a boyfriend cardigan because it will make you appear shorter. Well of course it will make you appear shorter with those baggy pants and flat shoes you have on!! You HAVE to know HOW to wear the boyfriend cardigan. See how TALL it actually makes a shorter lady appear when she puts on some skinny black jeans and heels!!! It is all in HOW you wear it in fashion. It is all about styling yourself. To some women this can be confusing. For me it is fun!! There are so many body types out there. Ladies with a long torso would look FAB in a cropped jacket paired with some modern pleated wide leg pants! Ladies who are curvy will be surprised at how slim they look when they try something on that actually fits closer to their body than in something over sized! Yes I have to agree that there may be some types of fashion trends that really are not for you. But I believe that there are more than you think that you might want to give a chance. Don't rule anything out, unless it is a look that you really don't like. Just experiment, and break the rules a little. You will be surprised at what you come up with! Here is just a little tip from me, the stylist. It is actually one of my secrets that I am going to let you in on. Try to think opposites attract in every aspect of your body in respect to what you are trying to put on it. It usually works! Do you follow me??? If not, please become a fan of Laura's Style on Facebook and ask me any questions you might have! I promise I will answer:-)

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I "adore" my job, too. I engage in interesting conversations with my customers.

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