September 24, 2009

How to get the "smokey eye" look without looking like you are an insomniac!

I am a huge fan of the smokey eye. These girls in the photo look FABULOUS sporting this look. However, when a make up artist tells you how to apply this style of makeup they never tell you that you need a great concealer first. If you don't have the right concealer, this smokey eye look can make you look exhausted!!! The right concealer will have a pinkish undertone which hides the bluish purplish tone of your dark circles. This is crucial to getting the fabulous smokey eye look that these two girls have! Bobbi Brown has a great concealer which she actually calls a corrector. Bisque is my shade, but light/medium bisque is great if your skin is extremely fair. The mistake a lot of people make is getting a concealer with too much yellow in it. This actually makes your dark circles worse, but it is great for hiding any facial redness you may have. It may take lots of experimenting to get the right shade of concealer, but I think Bobbi Brown's Bisque Corrector is a great place to start. I got mine at Neiman but you can get it on the Bobbi website or too:-)

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