September 28, 2009

My latest obsession: ANNA SHEFFIELD JEWELRY

I was actually early for work this morning! Believe it or not this happens to me quite often only because I have to get my son to school by 8:00am and I am usually all ready for the day by then. Today I decided to waist some time in Target. I always love what Target has to offer. They have all the latest trends and it is always so cheap! Today I started in the accessory section and I never made it past the jewelry. I discovered that jewelry designer Anna Sheffield had made some pieces exclusively for Target! To be totally honest, I had never even heard of her until now. I am a little embarrassed to say that. I immediately Googled her when I got home from work and discovered that she actually has a website dedicated to all of her original jewelry pieces. I am soooo in love! Her pieces are so very unique and they totally reflect who she is. But I also see me in her pieces, and my sisters, and my friends, and even my mom:-) She actually has a video on her website that actually starts playing when you go to it. I love how she describes herself. She really seems to get her vibe across in this very short only 2 minute broadcast. Check her out, check out her tattoos, check out her jewelry, and then go to Target to check out the pieces that you might be able to afford!

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