September 9, 2009

No White After Labor Day? We Will See About That!

I have seen a lot of fashion DON'TS in my lifetime. I however, do not see anything wrong with wearing white after labor day. Just as long as you pay attention to your fabrics. White linen and lightweight cottons are of course out of the question. But what is more fabulous than white wool flannel or white wool crepe??!! Of course you should pick a dry day to wear your whites in the fall and winter months. I don't recommend wearing them during mud season in Maine. YUCK. Even as far back as the 1920's Coco Chanel made white a year-round staple!

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365 Fashion Rehab said...

They were discussing the whole white after Labour Day thing on the Today show the other day and I can't even believe they were considering it to be a faux pas. White is basically my 2nd favorite color (after black) and definitely agree that it is meant to be worn any time anywhere. Vive le Chanel!