September 12, 2009

Orono Festival Day!!!!

Ok, so I am still questioning why Bangor Mainers didn't celebrate Fashion's Night Out on Thursday Sept 10th. But at least Orono Mainers did something fabulous this week to support local vendors and designers! Today was Orono Festival Day and I was really impressed with the turnout! I am sure it takes a lot of planning and preparation to get something like this going and this was a hit! Of course my favorite part of the festival was all the jewelry designers. I LOVE unique jewelry and I LOVE the inspiration it gives me. It really is the jewelry that makes or breaks an outfit. You are NEVER ready to go out your door until you fully accessorized, at least in my book. Today I was totally inspired by two young designers, Maria Weinberger, and Sarah Skoniecki. WOW, these girls have got it going on! Maria's jewelry is quirky yet classic and oh so classy. Sarah's pieces make you feel like you have visited a time that has past. They are both so different, yet they play well together. The top photo is the awesome earrings I bought by Sarah Skoniecki. They are so vintage looking. I adore them. The middle photo is of the necklace and earrings I bought by Maria Weinberger. Soooo gorgeous and unique! The bottom photo is of the two beautiful ladies who created them! (Maria is on the left and Sarah is on the right:-)

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