September 2, 2009

Pencil Skirts. There is a style out there for you!

Lets face it. Pencil skirts are everywhere this fall! There is a style out there made just for me;-)

The pear shape lady may think that the pencil skirt is not for her. Wrong! You just have to choose the right style that is cut for you. The photo at the top shows a gorgeous style from Talbots. It is a straight style and has a really nice little flounce with some pleating at the bottom. This will help balance out your pear shape. The key to getting a pencil skirt to look great on a pear shape is to make sure that the bottom of the skirt does not taper in. This will only accentuate your hips, which is what we need to balance out:-)

The straight boyish figure looks best in something that will add volume to the hips. The second photo shows a great style for a straight figure from Ann Taylor. The layers add the volume you need to get you the curves you want! Also a straight figure looks so fabulous in a hip hugging pencil skirt that tapers in a bit at the bottom. This style will also show off the curves that you didn't think you had!

The curvy figure looks fab in a pencil skirt as well. Her best style is one that has some gorgeous gathers to soften the look of her hips, like the one shown in the last photo also from Ann Taylor. The ruffle down the side also adds some softness.

You see, everyone can wear a pencil skirt. There are so many varieties out there. You can be sure there is one that is meant for you. It may take a bit of searching but you will find it. Make sure you become a fan of Laura's Style on Facebook so that you are able to view my photo album of a variety of pencil skirt styles and where to find them:-)

P.S. I found that Ann Taylor really had the best selection of pencil skirt styles. They had the most variety for every body type.

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