September 6, 2009

Sophisticated Cardigans

There was a time when I swore that I would never wear a cardigan. I would only relate it to something my grandmother wore. I would opt for a cute cropped jacket instead thinking that the cardigan looked too "old fashioned" for my taste. Well, times have changed!!! Cardigans are back in a big way. For those women that have always considered them a staple in their wardrobes, you are in luck! You may just need to update your cardigan styles a bit or just change how you wear them. For those of us who thought cardigans were so "uncool" it's time to start thinking the opposite! There are so many fantastic styles and so many modern ways to wear them now. I love the boyfriend style belted with an ultra feminine top layered underneath like the one pictured here from Ann Taylor. I also adore the cardigans I am seeing in the Boden catalog this fall. Boden is a company out of the UK and they have some great fun with their styles. Always so colorful and full of joy. It kind of reminds me of Benetton, which I used to be a huge fan of when I was about 13 years old:-) Benetton is still carrying some fab styles! I also love what Victoria's Secret is doing with cardigans this fall. They always seem to have cozy, yet very sexy, cardigans.

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