September 3, 2009

What's Your Scent?

As fall approaches we all start thinking about changing our wardrobe. We want to incorporate a few "must have" pieces of the season. We also know that it is time to hang up the linens and break out the corduroys and wools. I look forward to wearing more hats, like my wool fedora and my tweed newsboy cap. I also have a very cool beret that is just fabulous. A client actually gave it to me after I complimented her on how great it looked on her! Very sweet of her, I know. We begin to dust off our wool coats (or get them dry cleaned, which should have been done BEFORE we hung them up after that long 2008/2009 winter:-) But, there is something else that changes along with the season and that issssssss...............YOUR FRAGRANCE. I love love love the smell of the more woody, spicy, florals that are out there. And they scream FALL! I just love the way a fragrance can represent the woman who is wearing it. Fragrances are so interesting that way. I have come across a few new fragrances and some old classics that I just adore! They make me feel warm when I'm cold, happy when I'm sad, and glamorous even when I have to shovel my car out! I think the one for me this fall is going to be Prada's new fragrance L'Eau Ambree. It combines an intricate and fresh approach to the balancing of the notes of cedrat, rose de mai, and amber.The Sicilian citrus top note of cedrat is refreshing yet rich, giving an unexpected grace and balance to the fragrance. At the heart of the fragrance is rose de mai. Buttery, light, and above all sensual, it is the essence of femininity. The base notes consists of an evocative ambery dry down based on patchouli, vanilla and opoponax. Doesn't that sound beautiful to you?! Check out my Facebook fan page for ideas on fall fragrances that might be calling your name!

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