September 8, 2009

When can I wear my boots?

As we all know boots are really hip this fall and the higher the boot the better. Last year we saw that the trend in boots was over the knee with a flat heel. This year it's back but with a heel. I am a huge fan of this style. I feel like this is something us Mainers could really pull off! Just think how warm our legs would be! This is such a great look when worn with a skirt and tights this fall. I love the way they look in a brown suede with brown tights like the model in the middle photo. Not everyone will find this trend suitable for their lifestyle though. It also will not suit all body types. I may adore this trend, but I think I will be sticking to my knee high Cole Haan microfiber stretch boots this fall for two reasons. One is that I already own them and they are in great condition since I NEVER wear them in the actual snow, and two because I am not sure that my lifestyle really will allow the thigh high boots. Maybe if I worked at VOGUE:-)..........................I will keep dreaming about that!
When should you start wearing your boots? Well you don't want to appear too anxious for cold weather. I am not going to start sporting mine until October. But that really depends on the climate in which you live. I feel that October is really when fall begins. September is a great month to start sporting those high heeled oxfords or short booties and start hanging up the sandals. I know you Mainers hate to hear that!!! But if you are a fashion fanatic like me, you don't mind:-)

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