October 18, 2009

Be bold. Wear Plaid.

We know that plaid originated in Ireland. And thank goodness it came to America!!! I don't know a lot about the history of this pattern, but I do know that I love to wear it and right now is the perfect time! Plaid can be a little bit bold so if you don't like to stand out, wearing it can be a little bit intimidating. Instead you could opt for a plaid handbag, scarf, gloves, or hat (like this one by Juicy Couture.) If you are feeling like that is not enough and you really like to stand out a little more, then go for plaid pants or a plaid coat (like this one by L.A.M.B -that's Gwen Stefani's clothing line:-) The key is to go for one plaid piece at a time. So go for it and be bold. Wear plaid!!! And check out my plaid album on my Laura's Style Facebook fanpage:-)

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