October 19, 2009

Blair Waldorf/Nellie Oleson. Are you good enough to be their friends???

Have you ever watched an entire an episode of Gossip Girl?? The show is kind of racy, kind of crazy and is actually mostly a world of make believe for most of us. If you can get past all of these little rich brats who whine all the time and watch it for the great fashions you would be impressed! I love how each character has his or her own individual style. Blair Waldorf happens to be my favorite character. Her style is the perfect mix of girly and sexy. She has made wearing the satin ribbon in your hair famous again!!!! (Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie was the original ribbon girl:-) Now that I am thinking of it, I wonder if they based the character Blair Waldorf on Nellie Oleson. I see many similar characteristics there!!! Watch it tonight on The CW channel at 9:00pm to see what I mean;-)
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