October 7, 2009

The Ivanka Trump Collection.....ohhh to own a piece!!!!

Ivanka Trump's jewelry collection gives me the feeling that a sky diver must feel when jumping out of that airplane and falling through mid air. Just imagine if I actually saw a piece of her collection in person instead of just online or in a magazine!!! Or better yet, if I actually ever owned a piece!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I need to calm down and focus. I more than likely will never ever own a jewel from Ivanka's collection. But I can dream, and so can you. I love what Ivanka said when asked, why jewelry?? Why not a clothing line??? She said that clothing has less of an immediate appeal to her. She said that jewelry is more than just an accessory. In fact, to her, a dress is an accessory to her jewelry! After viewing her jewelry collection on her website Ivankatrumpcollection.com, I see what she means! Visit her website or my Laura's Style fan page on Facebook to view pieces from her very valuable collection.

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