October 14, 2009

Less than perfect feet? Tintalize!!!

Ok, so now that there is Tintalize I can hardly wait for next summer to bare my feet! Tintalize is basically make up for feet. Ladies, we both know that those heels that we wear can be painful. They can leave us with corns, scaring, blemishes, you name it. Before we know it summer arrives and with that comes sandal weather and we get shy to bare our feet because they are all beat up!! Thank goodness for make up artist Allyson Carey and investment banker Sidney Dillard for having this brilliant idea of make up for your feet! Tintalize is waterproof, sweat proof, rub proof, and long lasting. It will stay on all day until you take it off. I find Tintalize to be one of the world greatest wonders!!!

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