October 21, 2009

Sophronia Design Fall 2009 Runway Show. You should have been there!!

Now....lets take a minute to sound it out. It is pronounced So-frone-ia. Say it all together now. Say it three times fast. You got it!!!! Mallory Sophronia Bruns is the creative director of Sophronia Design and you better learn to pronounce it because she isn't about to change it!!! I happen to love the name. Aren't all designers supposed to have a name that is difficult to pronounce so that us fashionistas can correct all the non fashionistas?? I love that, because I love knowing something that you might not;-) Ok so the name is cool, the designs..............FABULOUS!!! She is so creative with her drawings and I love it that she uses all recycled fabrics. I didn't get to ask her about her artwork, but it is really adorable and one of a kind. Her designs kind of remind me of Holly Hobby but all grown up. I thought the models looked so great. The hair was pulled back away from the face into a simply elegant pony tail. The make up was a beautiful grey smokey eye which happens to be my favorite look! And it was so nice to see that each model takes their work very seriously. As they should! They are representing a great artist! Here are a few of my favorite accessories from the Sophronia Design Fall 2009 Accessory Runway show. See more photos on my Laura's Style Facebook fan page.

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