October 21, 2009

That's WHITE!!!

I have always LOVED the look of wearing all white. It just looks so clean and very chic. I will never forget the time I was wearing all white linen. A white oversized linen blouse belted out over a pair of white wide leg linen pants. I loved the outfit! My son was 3 1/2 at the time and I was bringing him to my sisters for the day while I went to work. I had to lift him up into the car seat, but first I told him, "Now look, mumma is wearing all white so be VERY careful to not get your feet on me when I lift you up to your seat!" He being the little angle that he is observed my outfit and agreed to be very careful. When we got to my sisters house he got out of the seat and out of the car he said, "Mumma STOP! You have something on you! Don't move!" I didn't want to look. I just said, "WHERE!!" He came over to me a picked off this tiny little black thread and said "There mumma now you look pretty." Well of course that was summer so I don't recommend wearing white linen now. However white or winter white wools are perfect for right now and if you live in Maine, NOW is the time to be wearing your winter whites!!! Do it now before it gets messy. Of course if you live someplace where you don't get messy weather then any time of year is great for whites. Just watch your fabrics. Nothing in lineny or cottony. You want to look seasonless not past season:-) You only live once. Just try wearing something white in the weeks to come a feel your confidence level go through the roof! Just don't drink red wine or coffee;-)

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