October 15, 2009

Wish Upon a Starr!

I am just adoring Hayley Starr. She is a young designer who had an idea and just went for it! 1st and foremost she is all about multifunctionality. She has designed a line of dresses that can be made to look like a different dress every time you wear it. She was so tired of seeing women who wanted a dress for an occasion but they would only wear the dress once and then never again! It would just hang in their closet or they would get rid of it. A lot of money has been spent on items like this!!! I think you can all agree that you have done this before. Well now you can log on to HayleyStarr.com and see everything she offers! She is known for her dresses (maternity dresses too:-) and she also has some really cute unique tees which make fabulous gifts! You really need to watch some of the tutorials on her website that show how the dresses work. She shows one dress being made into 10 different styles!!!! They are also great for bridesmaid dresses. They come in a variety of great colors too. Each bridesmaid could wear the dress in her own unique way to flatter her body type! Hayley's "Fancy Infinite" dress is matte on one side and shiny on the other which will take you from day to night for any occasion!!! She is also all about saving the environment too. Hayley only uses earth friendly products and runs a virtually paper free office! She also never tests on animals and uses no animal products. You really need to check out her site. It is almost as adorable as she is!

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