October 26, 2009

Work with what you've got!

Updating your wardrobe doesn't mean buying a whole new one. Accessories are KEY to making your old stand bys new again. Here are a few ideas on how to make your old pieces new again. You just have to work with what you've got!

1.) Try wearing a scarf in a new print or popular color of the season. You will see the scarf alone will do wonders for just a plain turtleneck, crew neck, v-neck, or ballet neck.

2.) A new jewel will perk you up! I just got a new silver flower necklace from Charlotte Russe. This will surely do the trick. I can put it on with anything to add some interest!

3.) Try a belt or a handbag in an animal print. This works really well to make your outfit more up to date especially if you wear black a lot. My friend Maria W. wears this look a lot and she wears it well. I call it her signature;-)

4.) A poncho style sweater always looks so modern and soooo chic. You can wear it loose or belt it. You can just be wearing a t shirt and jeans underneath and you will look soooo fabulous people will be in awe of how stylish you are even on your day off!!!

5.) In stead of just wearing your pearls try wearing a brooch on your pearls. I love this look. It is very J Crew. And I am in love with J Crew.

6.) Bold jewelry looks so modern, such as this really cool flower ring I have pictured from Silpada.

7.) When you go into Victoria's Secret to pick up your free panty (if you are lucky enough to get this coupon in the mail like me) check out their new make up line. I love the limited edition colors. It always make me feel more modern and up to date to just try a new shade of lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner or blush.

8.) Try a new nail polish once a month. Having a hard time choosing what color is best for you?? Just determine if your skin is cool (a pinkish undertone) or warm (a yellow undertone) and then chose a shade that is cool or warm depending on your skin color.

9.) Buy something snakeskin (it doesn't have to be real!) A snakeskin pattern in a shoe or a handbag can real modernize your look.

10.) Try a new hairstyle every day. Wear it in a chic low chignon one day, down and curly the next day, flat iron it the day after that! You get the idea:-)

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