October 25, 2009

You don't have to go to a resort to wear RESORT

Resort collections usually debut in stores around mid November and there couldn't be a better time!! This is about the time of year that us fashionistas get a little restless. We are just a little tired of the trends of the season and we are ready for something to spark us up again! We want to see something new, something fresh! This is where resort collections come in to fill that emptiness we are feeling. Soon we will be seeing all of those hot fall trends on the sale rack and they for some reason, don't look as pretty anymore. (Unless you know how to piece them to make them fresh and new again!) To me resort wear no longer is completely for all those lucky ladies who go on cruises and trips to tropical climates at this time of year. Resort to me is all about the classics coming true again. As much as I love a good trend, to me the classics are where it's at. And with a trend kind of thrown into the mix every now and then, you will keep the classics looking new. As you view the resort photos from Gucci that I have posted you will see what I mean. (You can view more from the Gucci Resort 2010 collection on my Laura's Style Facebook fan page along with other photos from other designers resort collections:-) The details in the resort collections are fabulous and the details are the main attraction. I am especially loving the pleated Burberry trench that I have pictured here in pink. (it also comes in black) GORGEOUS!

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