November 8, 2009

Being warm is just as important as being fashionable. (really?)

Ahhhhhh chilly days and even chillier nights. What more could we ask for living in Maine! I don't know what you are thinking of all of those skinny cropped jeans and bare feet in platform peep toe sling backs, but I am thinking JEALOUS!!! We would never be able to wear that look here in Maine without freezing to death and looking ridiculous. I am also seeing tons of mini skirts and dresses and models wearing them with bare legs!! I don't know about you but my legs have not seen the sun for a while and they would not only be pale but they would also be a not so pretty purplish blue color from being close to frostbit! The bare leg thing must be the east coast influence or something. Right now I am thanking God for tights, cozy knits, cardigan sweaters, leggings, and booties. These are just some of my favorite things. We NEED to be fashionable, but we need to be warm. Here I have just a couple of cozy yet super duper fashionable pieces for you to consider. Make sure you become a fan of Laura's style on Facebook to view my entire 'Cozy' album. You are going to need these things for the months ahead. Trust me!!

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