November 14, 2009


I just discovered this really cool website the other day called They are based in Cambridge, MA. It is so cool if you are the type of person who gets tired of wearing the same old things all the time! It is so easy to do. You just log on to and register. Then you get an e mail back telling you that you are in! You pay only $25 for three large envelopes. (You can get more if you want:-) You send in one top per envelope to ThredUP and you get one for every one that you send! The coolest part is that you don't know exactly what you will get in return. It's like Christmas! You let them know the brands you are interested in, your size, and where you intend to wear your top. (Is it for work or play?) There are also four different levels. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. So you don't have to worry about sending in your Chanel blouse and getting a JCrew blouse in exchange. You would get an item on the same level that you sent in. It is tops only though, since pants are a little more inconsistent in sizing. I think it is a great idea!!

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