November 10, 2009

Elegant Evening Outerwear

You cannot go wrong with a gorgeous faux fur stole or bolero. This is such an elegant look and it screams HOLIDAY PARTY!
Ohhhhhhh how I love this Dolce & Gabbana satin trench. The satin fabric makes it dressy. And what a fabulous emerald green color to wear over your all black cocktail dress! Talbots also has a pretty satin trench online that they are offering right now in a sapphire blue. Fabulous!!!
Normally I would say forget the traditional pashmina. Everyone will be wearing one. However if you have a pashmina with a bit of sparkle like the one pictured here, you can't go wrong! Anything with sparkle is so now and is anything but boring. (Don't forget, you can add a little sparkle into your day looks as well:-)

Evening outerwear can always be a challenge. You want to wear those gorgeous one shoulder dresses and sleeveless tops but then you think BRRRRRR! You don't want to wear that big bulky winter coat,(trust me, you don't) but you want to at least be semi warm until you reach your destination! I swear fashion and cold weather just don't mix. They are opposites and they battle because fashion is almost never practical. The rule is that you must suffer, just a little. It won't hurt for long!!! Here are a few fabulous options to keep you sort of toasty this holiday party season.

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