November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving Day! What will you wear?

Happy Thanksgiving to all you fashionistas out there! I am sure you are thinking what I am thinking. It's the same thing that we think about when any big event comes up. What will I wear?? Well, we are in luck because there are so many choices! I don't know about you but my decision depends on comfort. But it has to be fashionable. Now usually fashion and comfort don't mix but this year we can be thankful for leggings and cozy sweaters and knits! We can eat all day and be comfy in the kitchen in a look like this one in the top photo from C & C California. Or if you are going to a relitives house for Thanksgiving or meeting your boyfriends partents for the first time this look from Talbots is just a little more sophisticated without looking too "dressed up." (notice she is wearing jeans with that gorgeous silk plaid wrap top:-)Or if you are throwing a Thanksgiving bash and you are the hostess (not the cook. You hired him:-) This look from Talbots in the bottom photo is sooo very lovely and you will look so charming. Whatever you choose to wear remember what you are REALLY thankful for and remember you always look great adorned by the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving fashionistas!

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