November 2, 2009

This Is on earth:-(

Last night I went to see Michael Jackson, This is It. I just sat there in awe of his fabulousness. He is an artist who truely knows how to capture his audience by reaching deep into their souls. Of course he works with only the very best in the business. He works with them to get his point across to us, the audience. Michael seems to have pictures in his mind of how he wants everything to look and sound on stage. And oh, what a bunch of dancers and musicians he works with! Like I said. I was in awe. And in case you haven't noticed, I keep referring to him as if he is still here with us on Earth. That's because after watching this movie, it truly feels like he is. One thing I thought was really strange. How he named the tour This Is It after a song that he wrote. He did this before he passed away. How did he know that This Is It???

Anyway, on a much lighter note as we all know, I am a stylist. And I can't help but notice just how awesome Michael's style is. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!!! If you love something, it is ALWAYS in style, because it screams your name every time you wear it!! How much more stylish can you get than that?!!!

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xoxoxo love you Michael;-)))

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