November 24, 2009

Olivia Dunham. FBI!!

There is just something about Anna Torv's style that I love! Her character, Olivia Dunham on the Fox network tv series Fringe, is just so totally cool and the best part about it is that she doesn't even know it! Or at least it appears that way. She is a woman who is totally devoted to her career as an FBI agent assigned to the Fringe division. She has no idea of how stylish she really is!!! (her stylist does though:-) I adore her look of perfectly tailored suits and fitted collared blouses in pale blue or white. Sometimes you will catch her in a simple pair of charcoal grey trousers, a black tee and a leather jacket on her more casual days. What reaaaallly makes her look complete is her very simple and chic long blonde hair parted in the middle sometimes pulled back in a pony tail right in the middle of the back of her head. Her stylist wants you to think that this was not well thought out. I know better than that!!! She is simply gorgeous. Her minimalist make up really makes her the modern day tough lady of the year! Let's face it. Olivia Dunham kicks butt!!!!!!!!!

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