December 18, 2009

*On the 18th Day of December......................;-)

On the 18th day of December I finally came to the realization that it is officially winter in Maine. Our calender states that the first official day of winter is December 21st. I say that it starts when you can't feel your fingers or toes. We all know that you loose most of your body heat through your head so it's important to wear a hat when the temp goes below what a normal human can withstand. I love hats. But only when I wear my hair straight or when I have a day off. It can make a mess out of your doo, but can complete an outfit, that is if you plan on keeping it on. Now, may I introduce to you the snood which has made appearances since the 1040's. My friend Sarah introduced me to this new word "snood" so I just had to do some research. The snood has come back into the fashion world this fall 2009 and has been seen all over the runways. Now we are seeing them go mainstream with retailers like American Apparel and Zara. And snoods are not just for women. We are seeing them for men as well. Men get cold too! I am a huge fan of the snood because it doesn't mess up my hair (as much) and it can be put down and worn around the neck and looks so cool either way! Makes a fabulous gift for anyone in a cold climate.
Pictured at top of page: Zara Cowl Neck Collar $29.90

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