January 16, 2010

Are You Ready For An 'Eyefull?'

Be on the lookout for these up and coming 'eye friendly' fashions. Now it is incredibly chic to wear glasses! There are quite a few labels that are putting out their own styles of readers. I almost can't wait to have to wear them! Actually, come to think of it, things are starting to look a little blurry to me lately...........;-)
These are my favorite readers so far from the affordable contemporary line, Kensie.

Banana Republic has quite a selection.

I am just loving these cool clear frames by J Crew.

Make sure you stay on alert with this trend. There will most likely be more to come. I heard that Talbots is also testing readers in some of their stores. Testing??? Why do they have to test them? We all know they are totally cool!

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