January 26, 2010

When The Runway Isn't Your Real Life~Chapter 1~THE SKINNY LEG PANT

It is so exciting to see what is happening in the fashion world from season to season. Sometimes the trends are very wearable and other times well, not so much. Or at least it is very difficult to see ourselves wearing them in our day to day life. Believe me, I hate it that we have to be practical. But there is a fine line between looking fashion forward and just pure nuts. It is hard for people that are more artistic to take the look down a notch and it is hard for those reasonable ladies to experiment a little and step it up. It is really important that and you consider a few things. The first thing you MUST do is acquire your own sense of style. Know who YOU are. Know what looks good on you depending on your body type. The next thing is, as much as I hate to say this, you must consider your AGE. This will be easier for you if you feel confident in your sense of style first. Age is only a number, yes, but it also depends on an outfit looking fabulous or just plain silly. Now some of you may say that you don't agree with the age thing, but I know that if you look deep inside yourself and push that rebellious part out, you know that I am right;-) It's up to you to not be ashamed of your age. If you have happiness and health in your life, then you have got it all baby!!!!!
This top photo is of Olivia Palermo from MTV's series The City. She is a stunner and wears the hottest trends very well. She is also 20 years old probably a size 0. Which is great for her! Here she is wearing one of the seasons most popular trends. The skinny leg pant. I LOVE this look, but it doesn't always love me. I have to make sure I am wearing something longer, like a boyfriend blazer or cardigan. Something that comes down over my butt and just over my hips. This look is best worn with a heel for me. Some ladies will find they can't wear this look at all. You must view the next photo to see a take on this look for a real woman in the real world.
Piazza Sempione
This is a gorgeous look that a lot of ladies could wear and it is comparable to the Olivia Palermo look above. Notice the pants are still straight which is the trend, but they are not skinny. The jacket is a little longer to balance out this look. A heel looks best with this trend for sure.

This is a gorgeous and trendy skinny pant evening look. I love it but you really need a small hips to look fabulous in this outfit. I could not wear this without looking like I wanted everyone to look at my butt, because believe me, they would be! You want your outfit to flatter you and give you attention for the right reasons. Not the wrong ones if you know what I mean.

This classy evening look by Fendi is just so gorgeous and classy. Notice the pants again are not ultra skinny. They are slim and straight. The top meets the high hip just perfectly depending on your body type and it seems to balance her out. You see her. Not an outfit screaming at you;-)

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Viva La Fashion said...

i love the city's cheesiness. i'm a dork when it comes to the shows i watch. :)