January 11, 2010

"Each piece of jewelry is a part of my being."~Cara Romano

Cara Romano Portfolio

I feel very lucky that a friend of mine has introduced me to a jewelry collection like no other. Saying that Cara Romano is a very talented artisan is an understatement. Her creations are unlike anything I have ever seen. She uses an unexpected combination of Sterling Silver and Felted Wool. Someday I hope to be lucky enough to see her made in Maine creations in person. For now I can only appreciate her photographers detailed work in capturing the beauty in every piece. If you are ever on Newberry Street in Boston, take a second to look for a sign that says 'Society of Arts and Crafts' and walk on in. You will see Cara's work among other accomplished artistes! Make sure you check out her website to see where she will be presenting some of her latest designs in the upcoming months. You will also see her work in a book that has been published titled 'Art Jewelry Today 2' by Jeffrey B. Snyder and it can be purchased by going to her website
http://www.cararomano.com/. This is a book of the most colorful, beautifully artistic work produced by today's top art jewelers. This is something that Cara should feel soooo incredibly great about. She is an accomplished artist at the age of 31! I really appreciate her work and I know you will too!

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Frannie said...

I love her jewelry! So different, so unique and so beautiful!