January 31, 2010

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel Had Perfect Timing

I just had to share with you how inspired I am by Coco Chanel. She really brought us the look of the 'modern woman' and she couldn't have had better timing! It was the end of WWI in the year 1918 and women were just starting to be more independent and get their rights. They started working and living the not so traditional lifestyle that most women have no choice to live today! (Luckily I have no problem with that:-) Coco Chanel started her business making hats. She had been a seamstress all her life and pretty much knew nothing else. With her hats she could be more creative and express herself. A lot of her hats were made fun of at first because they were not traditional. She was not traditional:-) Coco's timing was perfect with the war ending and women becoming more independent. Ladies started to consider her designs. She began making skirts a little shorter and pants for ladies. Her first thought was that ALL women want to be comfortable especially now that they were working. It started off as a practical thing and then became the most fashionable thing! She also wanted ALL women to be able to afford it. Then came her 1st beautiful fragrance Chanel No. 5. She believed that women not only should be able to look pretty they should smell pretty too! And how could we forget the all occasion little black dress that we all need hanging in our closet. Yup, that was Coco's idea too:-) She died of old age in 1971 at the age of 88. Talented designer Phillippe Guiborge continued designing for Chanel and kept the brand ALIVE.

Karl Lagerfeld had designed for many fashion houses before he began designing for Chanel in 1983. Here is a short video that I found on YouTube of the latest Chanel designs for Spring/Summer 2010. I think that Coco would have loved it. What do you think?? I am just wondering about what she would think of some of the price tags on these pieces these days. I wonder if she would like to see something again that ALL women could look great in and afford. Maybe it's the perfect time for a revolution;-)


Nancy said...

Fabulously edjucational, Laura! Thank you. I got chills watching the fashion show video for alot of reasons, ie. performance, mood, and of course, the magical clothes. Poor little girls, though! Please eat a steak! Or, just eat!!

Alex said...

I am so glad that you figured out how to comment Nancy! You must have had to sign up with a Google account? Yes, I agree with you. The models are too thin. It is almost to the point where it is distracting from watching the actual fashion. They need to eat some protein! Arn't the clothes gorgeous though. I love Chanel's spring/summer 2010 collection. Too bad I will never own a piece!! It's a dream for sure!