January 29, 2010

Get a Clip!

I was just searching for a little pick me up that would cheer me up and I ran across these cute little shoe clips from Victorian Trading Co! They are so pretty and they can transform an outfit. They look best on a shoe with a little kitten heel or a ballet flat particularly one with a low vamp for a more modern look, worn with a boot leg or flare leg jean. Make sure your jeans are long enough and grazing the top part of your foot so that you just barely see the shoe clip peeking out and pleasantly surprising your onlooker;-) To complete the look try a very fitted white or cream blouse with cuffs worn untucked under a very cool menswear style button front vest. Can you say 'Tres chic?!'

1 comment:

Frannie said...

Oh my gosh! Those clips have got to be one of the best ideas ever!